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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Just as I relish watching a masterpiece like The Shawshank Redemption, so do I get captivated by a Matrix Revolutions.

Just as I find bliss in classics like O. Henry, so do I enjoy a frivolous Five Point Someone.

Just as I cherish the nuances of Test cricket, so do I immerse myself in the pleasures of Twenty20.

Evenings, for the days to come, shall no longer be dull and boring. The IPL 2.0 shall finally get rolling this Saturday.


HP said...

who rey ??


hurraaayy !!

PJ !! PJ !! :P

Keshi said...

o gawd u too? LOL!


Elithraniel Arawion said...

hahaha :) nice way to put it :P

Think Tank said...

Cirket (note the sp) crazy banda

Sanchit said...

yayy.. me was saying the same thing to piggie yesterday evening...

@ farah..
good one.. :)

Prachi Bansal said...

i too loved shawshaknk redemption and twenty 20..
i think twenty 20 is/was better than IPL..
one reason for this opinion is,well, we(70 ppl in my hostel) used to scream at the top of our voices at every four or six hit by indian batsmen and that was super fun..but now everyone's divided and has own preferences of cricketers or stars!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

mubarak to all u cricket fanatics:)
its the beginning of d festive season na:)

Chriz said...

csk adn mumbai indians.. waiting for tonyte...

Anonymous said...

Now what if there was no jail in Shawshank? and the guys were running but didn't know what from?

That's how IPL feels actually...

Mads said...

dravid hit 66 !!!!! yayyyy!!
mumbai beat chennai...i guess yay...both are my home towns :P
ipl has started and im studying :|
dammit X-(
whom u supporting??
i get the feeling mumbai shall win this ipl....

Stupidosaur said...

I dont have TV and hecnce no IPL.
But I finally have internet connection!

Stupidosaur said...

I dont have TV and hecnce no IPL.
But I finally have internet connection!

Aditi..............:) said...

Oh Yeah thats true.....but our tv is in the living room and the AC is only in the bedroom...so the IPL might be the coolest thing, but watching it mit not be :( haha...
But nice way you have put it!
Btw I love reading O.Henry too...some stories of his are my all time favourite....just in case if you havent read..."October and June"...its an awesome tale :)

Urv said...

~ hp
//who rey ??
were you referring REY (Ray) Jennings? coach of the Royal Challengers Bangalore :P :P

~ keshi
Yo baby :D

~ wolfie

Urv said...

~ farah
yesh me is crazy. Not only cirket crazy :)

~ sanchit
yayy :)
and also :( due to the weather

Urv said...

~ prachi
Okie. Let me clear some things. IPL is also a form of Twenty20 dear. I think you mean the Twenty20 world cup which India won :D

Don't worry. You will get to cheer India again in June during the T20 world cup :)

Urv said...

~ santa
Yep yep yep :)

~ chriz
mumbai won :)

~ rakesh
Haha. Thats very nicely put. But then gotta enjoy whatever is on offer buddy.

Urv said...

~ mads
Yayy :) I have told the rain gods to keep intervening in the IPL mathces till your exams are going on so that you don't miss out on any action :D

I am not supporting any team in particular. But my heart goes out to the team that has Sachin in it :D So I will not mind if your prediction comes true :)

Urv said...

~ aditi
Oh! It seems that the IPL heat has got to you :D

Haven't read October and June. Shall surely read it :) Thanks :)

Express said...


No set max.
Dish TV package.
Dad said "No movie channels till end of exams"
I hate
Life sucks

Anurag said...

dude love the last line u end the post with ....

Me guessing ...U a Banglore royal Challenger fan ??

Cherry said...

hey got an awesome link must check it out :)http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/sri-lankan-cricket-captain-calls-upon-sri-sri