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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sweet 16... all over again

In all the years that I have watched cricket, I have never felt prouder. Sure, winning the Twenty 20 World Cup was a huge thing. Just today I again saw the highlights of the India-Pak finals. Even after so many months having gone by, I can not stop having goosebumps when Ravi Shastri announces - India are the Twenty 20 champions. That entire tournament was exhilarating stuff. But what happened at Perth was something on a totally different level. I am a purist when it comes to certain aspects of cricket. The pitch and the weather report for instance. I have always preferred it the Geoffrey Boycott way rather than with all the facts and figures about the humidity and the temperature. Technology will tell you that its 30 degrees with 40% humidity. Go hell with that. Check out if Geoffrey is wearing his hat.
Yes he is. Oh, then it must be hot out there. And then there is the pitch report - Geoffrey with his famous key. All you need to know is how deep the key goes into the pitch. And you can pretty much figure out on which side to put your money.

So, as a purist would say, Test cricket is the ultimate form of cricket. It is the true test of one's character. That is why it has been so difficult to beat the Australian side in Tests. Because you need to play good cricket throughout. Not just a session or two. And that is why I believe that the win at Perth was a very commanding one. When you think of India's recent historic wins, Kolkatta immediately comes to mind. That was a miracle that happened thanks to the greatest innings I have seen. And then there is Adelaide the last time India went down under. However, that was an even contest between the 2 sides. But Perth was different. India had dominated Australia in the Twenty 20 semis and they dominated them again in the longer version of the game. Australia were thoroughly beaten in their own bastion. It probably was not a typical Perth wicket but just imagine the scenario if it had been. The Aussie batsmen would have fallen like ninepins! India's trio of seamers was surely more impressive than the Kangaroos' all-pace attack. The Indians outplayed the Aussies and stopped them once again. Its sweet 16 all over again. 16 for the Aussies and sweet as nectar for the Indians.

Here are some words of wisdom for the Australian think tank:
  • When an India team is ready to pack their bags and go home, let them do so. Don't order nails and wood for your own coffin.
  • The Aussie management should make sure that they don't play India when they are nearing their record breaking streak. (If necessary, bribe the ICC for altering the schedule. If you want, ask the BCCI to lend you some money. They have plenty of it.)
  • I pray that the Australians will not babble about any kind of charges against Ishant Sharma. (He gave a hell of a time to Mr. Ponting. And thats what Bhajji had done. So I hope they don't try that angle once again.)