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Note: I was busy drooling over the pages of Playboy during my English classes in school. So please bare with any grammatical blunders or the obvious lack of classic literary writing. (I was a little confused between the selection of 'bear' and 'bare' in the sentence above so I resorted to my favorite inky-pinky-ponky routine)

If you happen to pass by, feel free to register your presence. coz yeh duniya bahot chhoti hai aur yeh zindagi bahot lambi. Kya pata, someday somewhere, you and I might end up discussing about it over a cup of garam garam masala tea.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I 'm lovin it

I know I have not replied to comments nor been around your blogs. I am still not back. But I simply had to had to post this.

FINALLY, I got a new one. Nokia E71. Its sleek. Its sexy. I 'm lovin it :)

Mere dost, I know you are a great fan of Sony but this has to be one of Nokia's best ever.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ulta pulta

Is there something wrong with me or is Ranbeer actually prettier looking than Deepika? :)

PS: Blogroll updated. Hence the title.