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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 38 (i)

Bengaluru, India. August 24, 2008
11:51 am

Woke up at 8. Brushed teeth. With Colgate. Went for tea. Went walking. Walked with the help of legs. Reached restaurant. Was very exhausting. Ordered tea. 7 rs. Drank tea. Nice. Came back to room. Got ready. Wore clothes. Reached office. At 11:00 am. Working. And blogging. Can't stay away from you all for long.

What!! You don't seem to be enjoying this post. Well, I just thought to try out the Big B style of blogging. With all due respect sir, please give people like me some breathing space between your posts. It takes him less time to put up a post than it takes China to win a gold medal at the Olympics. Aah.. If only there was a medal for blogging. And India would have bagged one more :D

Oh! In case you were wondering about the post title, it is also inspired from Mr. B's blog. You see the posts are numbered as Day 1,2,3,... And in case there is more than one post in a day which happens very very often, it is posted as Day x (i),(ii),(iii),...

This post has been named Day 38 since 38 is the number of days I have managed to live all alone. Roomie had gone phoreignwa and has returned today. And today happens to be his Happy Budday. So here's wishing you a very happy Happy Budday buddy.

Got to go now. For lunch. Will eat Punjabi. Roti sabji. Paneer sabji n tandoor roti.

More later,



Abhinav said...

Got Online. opened feed reader. saw your blog highlighted. clicked on it. saw this post. read it. Smiled too. Felt myself inhuman to write like this. what will happen when AB will run out of counting.
Jai Shree Krishna!

PizzaDude said...

Hahahaha! Nice sense of humour you have :D
Happy Budday to your roomie!

Vandita said...

lol, i had no idea abt AB writin like that... it looks tough to me , i cant even think in sentences like that, forget writing!
happy bday to ur roomie :)

Trinaa said...

soooooooooooooooo true...that man is a MENACE to blogdom!! funny thing is that he writes shit n still gets a 100 comments per day... @##$%^&&*&^%$#@ :((

Express said...

Haha! that made my day!!
welcome buaacckk!

u ve done sucha good job wid describing Mr. ahem bachchan's blog thr is no need 2 comment. :-P

38 days alone and u din blog?!?!?!?? If I have no college , i wud do 2 posts every single day. :-P

anyway, happy home-coming 2 rommie. Tere liye kya laya :-D

P.S. Your signature, ah! no comments :-|

HP said...

lol !! lol !! lol !! ... hamare vichar kitne milte hain ... check out my post on the "Big Blog" HERE

joiedevivre said...

hmm after long time..huh

hapy buddy to ur romie

and yes yeh niche sign kiska hai..i really felt gud to see dat mujhse bhi gandi handwritin hai isduniya mein kisi ki

Kanan said...

Hahaha! you're one wicked man, Urv. :D

Btw, you should totally check out this post.

Just for info, India would have been able to bag more gold for a lot of other things, only if they were part of the Olympics.

Kanan said...


I read the last three words as

More Love Later,




ceedy said...

Do you think he has someone writing for him?

Funny...and you day 39 (1) and (6) hopefully went good ;)

shub said...

hahaha! he blogs like that? Big B means Big Bore then! :P I dunno who's more bored, he himself or those reading!

Keshi said...

lol Urv!

Panjabi food? YUMMMMMMMM!

btw come n take part in my current post ok!


Chakoli said...


next Big B in making :P

Stupidosaur said...

Hmmm you can try blogging like this. Chakoli thinks you are next Big B in the making. But actually u already are.

As you must have learnt in KG,

U for Umbrella. So U for Umitabh.

He is Umitabh Bachchan, you are Urv Bhatt.

The real Big B!

Solitaire said...

Yawn!! Are his posts really like this?

Roopa said...

I had never read any of AB’s posts. But strangely now I feel like reading some :P . Dude! U doing marketing for him da…

Sarath said...

do you think Big B keeps a private secretary just to type his blogs everyday??
I mean with the amount of typing involved, such a salary will fetch anything.

Nidhi said...

Hey ! A Very Happy Birthday to your roomie...

So the reason for your absence from your blog was fever... I hope u didn't catch fever after reading Big B's weird posts....

I am one of those stupid people who had subscribed to his posts and I repent it till date....I wasted few real precious hours on that crap :D

Either he surely has got someone appointed to write his posts... I can't actually imagine "The BIG B" giving so much time to his blogs... And if its truly him... then am sure he needs a break :D

Between... the signature idea rocks but the writing :(

Homer said...

Nice n hilarious post..
just one suggestion..
You have too many pics on your home. html page.. that consumes some download time..
Only if there were some less pics on ur blog, would have made the download faster at my end..

Trinaa said...


Homer said...

BTW , nice tagline you hav on ur blog..
I was born stupid.. google made me look intelligent..
Google guys would love it :)

Urv said...


I know me has not been around the way I would like to.. :(

Urv said...

He he.. Just imagine what will happen if the entire family starts writing :D

Urv said...

:) Thanku dude.. We had pizza by the way :D

Urv said...

He sure is the style icon ;) Thanku :D

Urv said...

That is because India is a hot/warm country..

And he has so many fans :D

Urv said...


Arre, even I had thought that I would blog a lot.. But somehow couldn't :(

As for the signature, its not easy to sign in Paint by using the mouse yaar!! Ki kara..

Urv said...

Aha.. Wait lemme check out the post.. :)

Urv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Urv said...

Ya yaar.. :( Long time..


Woh apun ka writing nai hai.. Apun ka drawing hai.. :P

Urv said...

He he.. Yep I am mr. wicked..

I did not get the gold thing :(

Actually today I am UIB.. Urv in Black..

Urv said...

Sssshhhh.. Don't let out such secrets.. Or I will loose my job :D

Urv said...

He he.. Thats true.. He writes real bore posts.. Lets see when your lovable SRK :P starts writing stuff like this..

Urv said...

:) Yup yummi yummi it is.. I love the masala more than anything..

I will come by the blog.. Have not for a few days :(

Urv said...

Haain.. Woh Ab to main UB :)

Urv said...

Muhahaha.. Sahi hai bhidu.. Ab next Sarkar main mein Chiku ban ke aaunga.. :D

Urv said...

Haan re.. Bahu bore lakhe chhe..

Urv said...

Please do not perform such hazardous actions.. :D

Urv said...

How do think I manage my daily bread sir ;)

Urv said...

Thanku :)

I too often wonder if he writes himself.. If yes, then hats off to him.. coz to be able to write so much being one of the busiest persons around.. Phew.. :)

Its not writing baba, its drawing.. so don worry..

Hope u enjoying your time at home :)

Urv said...

Thanks :)

Hmmm.. Sorry for that :( I guess the last few posts had more pictures..

Urv said...

:( :(

Urv said...

Thanks :D Google guys would go total Yahoo.. ;)

Princess Mia said...

you have a dedication for ya at http://bloggersambrosia.blogspot.com/2008/08/feeling-horny.html
come check it out n make yur dedications. cheers!!

Express said...

aree toh scan maaro!

and I can sign on paint :-| thoda size bada karo :-P

P.S. u've been tagged :-)

Keshi said...

its ok, take ur time Urv :)


ceedy said...

Whats happening??? with IE??

Damn 2.00 am

Urv said...

~princess mia
Thanks :) Will check it out..

Urv said...

scan van kaun maare abhi.. Woh sab to bade (Big B) log karte hain ;)

Thanks for tagging me.. Will check it out.. :)

Urv said...

Thanks gurl :)

Urv said...

chhoddo yaar.. IE7 is still better.. IE6 is a nightmare..

Sayesha said...

What's his blog URL??

Happy budday to roomie! Is it Sanchit??

Bhai with Chai said...

hehe! this was so cool!

AB's losing it totally.. Jr AB's becoming a wife's pet.. Sukhi parivaar ujad ra hai.. tumhe mazaak soojh raha hai!

PS : confession - have loved Abhishek for years.
It's all in the past though.


Bhai with Chai said...

are you a lefty?
just curious