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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its over between us

A very personal post.

When I woke up this morning with you besides me, I felt nothing. I felt no sense of attachment towards you. I did not even feel like looking at you. I guess time takes its toll.

We have been together for the past 4 years. You have always been there with me. In good times, as well as the forgettable ones. At times, I have been harsh with you; vented my frustration on you. But you never said a word. You bore silently. There was a time when I was very attached to you. But recently, and I hate to say this, I have been feeling empty towards you. I have even started considering leaving you. And I hate myself for thinking like this. After all that you have done for me. But what do I do. After all, I am just a normal 22 year old guy who gets attracted to prettier, fancier models. So before things go totally out of hand, I thought to dedicate a first and last post to you, my Nokia 6600.

I got this black beauty when I was in my 2nd year of college. It was quite a hot selling piece, just like the DPS mms, when daddy brought it home.

Now if you come from some other galaxy, and have never had your hands on this meteor of a phone, let me tell you about the most distinguishing features of this phone.

It is the best self defense weapon ever created. Musibat mein hamesha kaam aayega. If you ever happen to be cornered by some anti social creatures, never panic as long as you have the 6600. Just pick it up and throw it at your enemy. If it happens to catch any part of his body on the way, the goon will not be getting up for a long time. As I mentioned before, it is one meteor of a phone. Huge, heavy, bulky.. A solid piece of mass. Maybe in the years to come, the technologically advanced Japan might plan to load their missiles with 6600s.

It also comes inbuilt with a sensory-loss mechanism. Let me explain. Many a times it happens that phones happen to fall/slip out of your pocket and one does not realize till its too late. Well, with the 6600, be rest assured that it wont let you down. The moment it abandons you, you will sense it. coz as Sunny bhai would put it, "jab yeh dhai kilo ka phone kisi ke jeb se alag hota hai, to aadmi uthta nahi, uth jaata hai". (chee.. that was a bad one..) You would experience weightlessness and literally start floating in the air after having bore the weighty burden for so many years. And effectively, you would never be able to loose the phone. Dekhi nokia waalo ki advanced thinking. Am proud of those guys.

It is also the most handy paperweight that can be found in a proximity of a few cms.

Inspite of these wonderful add-ons, I have had thoughts of moving on from my 6600. There have been certain reasons for this. Sabse pehle to I have not been able to take instant pics; in the world of digicams, ab vga camera se kya tamboora pics lega. And videos ki to baat hi kahan karu. Some time back, I took a video of the Symonds-Sreesanth on-filed antiques. Such was the clarity of the video that it looked more like a scene from the Planet of the Apes; please note, no racism intended.

To add to the list, mere phone ki joystick ne barso pehle hi The Legend of Bhagat Singh dekh li thi aur bagawaat kar di thi. It has not been functioning properly since a long time. I have found life difficult due to it but somehow I managed through. But ab paani sar ke upar chad gaya hai. Joystick ke south mein situated keypad par located key 2 bhi ruth gayi hai mujhse. Recently when Kareena gave her number(9322x22x22) to me, I could not call her coz of my non-working key 2. Thats why you see her nowadays with Saif.

The other keys of the keypad have also become very hard. As hard as.. umm.. idly-vadas made by a Gurgaon ki kudi, the type of kudi who is under the impression that Chennai and Madras are two different states. (please excuse the pause in between. I wanted to compare the hardness to other things but then under 18s are not supposed to read such stuff)

The phone's surface is as smooth as the sultry and sexy coming-out-of-the-sea topless body of Navjot Singh Siddhu.

So due to all the above mentioned reasons, I am planning to get a new model. When I do get a new phone and call up Kareena, I wonder what Saif will do with the tattoo he has got.. Aah, maybe he will edit it to Karan. Future ka soch ke rakha hai bachhe ne. Smart boy.

Sorry to all the Kareena fans. I cannot reveal her entire number. For all those who were born with an Abacus in their hands and 'Permutation' was the first word they uttered, 9322x22x22 shouldn't be much of a problem.