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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

180 degrees

I vividly remember that day, that moment. It was a jam packed Eden Gardens, the mecca of cricket. Rahul Dravid was well set, batting with ease. The man they call the Rawalpindi Express was handed the ball. Its said that the yorker is one of the most lethal weapons. Especially when you can reverse swing it. And especially when its at 150ks an hour. Dravid's defenses were shattered, and one heard that sweet sound of leather hitting wood. So, out walked The Wall. And in walked the little master, to a roaring welcome. This was going to be Sachin's first encounter with Shoaib. Charging came he. The ball came out of his hands, swung back in from outside off, and knocked Sachin's middle stump out of the ground. The crowd was stunned to silence. Eden Gardens, the nosiest of cricket grounds, went into mourning.

Yesterday, it was the same Shoaib. Once again at the same Eden Gardens. But yesterday, when he knocked Sehwag and Gambhir, the crowd went berserk. They were cheering him on. Getting behind him. Somehow, I felt strange.. Very strange.. Life makes one witness many strange things.. Maybe life has come a half circle in this case.. 180 degrees.

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shub said...

hehe, half circle is the word! But it's weirder that he's been kicked out of his own country and being cheered by arch-rivals! :)

Urv said...

Thats what yaar! Chacha Nehru would be feeling so happy up there in the clouds :)

Abhinav Bhatt said...

Thats is the problem with us Indians. we forget everything too soon.. I was looking forward to Bear hug. rather monkey hug Andrew Symmonds but he ran away to quickly

Urv said...

//monkey hug
Ha ha :D