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Friday, May 2, 2008

Miss Under Standing

At some point of time, all of us would have been told that written communication is the best form of communication. All other forms of communication, especially verbal, can lead to a lot of misunderstanding. So yesterday(why should Labour day be a holiday. Shouldn't people be working even harder on a "Labour" day.) as I was lazing around, I decided to go for a hair cut. So as I entered the saloon and sat on a vacant chair, the barber looked at me, waiting for instructions if any. I looked into his eyes and commanded in broken english - Medium, NOT SHORT.

But alas, the person who was operating on me interpreted it as 'MEDIUM NOT, short.' The rest is history. Some of the reactions I got when I came to office today morning:

XYZ : Oyye, tu Tirupati kab gaya tha!
Me : *beep beep*

Another XYZ : *looks at my hair. Oops, I mean looks at my skull; hair kaise dekhega. Kuch bacha ho to na* Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. *He just kept on laughing.*

A group of XYZ girls as I was passing by : *giggle giggle. some discussion. more giggles*

A group of XYZ guys as I was passing by : *hands pointing in my direction. some discussion. roaring laughter.*

I guess this will go on for some days. When I went out for lunch, as I was walking on the road, two bikers who had just bought all the available dvds of Dhoom and Dhoom2 decided to have some fun with my life and test my reflexes. All I can say is baal baal bacha.


Bhai with Chai said...

lol! :D
this was way back in May! ab toh sab kushal mangal??

Last to last haircut, that did happen with me too.. I tried to tie my hair and they resembled rabbit's tail.. round, fluffy, veryyy funny!
but keeping them open was no option..so.. anywayyy!


Trinaa said...

muahahahahhahaha.. kewl yaar.. ;D
mujhe sochne par majbur kar diya hai tumne.. :)

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
Haan ab sab kushal mangal :)

Rabbit's tail.. hahaha.. I mean laughing at the comparison, not the bhai :P

Chalo kuch to achha hua meri hair cut ka :D