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Thursday, March 19, 2009

अतिथि डाक

Here is a guest post in the form of a poem by our super talented Tinni. Iss blog ki shobha ab aur bhi badh gayi. Thenkoo so much babes ;)

wings of poesy
soar into the sky
colours of the rainbow
enlighten even the night

blessed indeed are poets;
artists, lovers and friends

they may die, shrivel and wither
n still live through the gems they penned

oh how i wish to immortalize this life and times in rhyme
the verse is weak; the poet unknown
and yet i hope to raise the rhythm divine.

~ Tinni

After reading her poem, I got inspired and penned down one myself. Ekdum spontaneous on-the-spot types. So you guys have to now pick a winner out of the 2 poems. Here goes mine:

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

So go ahead and pick a winner. You can use parameters like originality, literary depth, blah blah, bleh bleh ;) And remember while choosing the poem, mine is the latter one. The 2nd poem. Nichu waala. The one 3 lines above ;)


HP said...

TINNII !!!!! mast hai !!

Tinni wins !! - my best friend after all ! ;)

Urv loses !! :P
koi baat nai beta. tum bhi sekkh jaoge. :)

Urv said...

Koi nahi.. Haar kar jeet ne waale ko Baazigar kehte hain :P

Mads said...

omg..so tuff...shit...Urv how am i supposed to make such a difficult choice :( :(

:P Trinaa wins!! :D :D *applause applause*
Although, your attempt was good too ;) :P

joiedevivre said...

diplomatic ans dena hai toh dono winner hai bhyaya..

sach bolna hai toh i like the size of urv ka poem and words tinni

jhooth bolna hai toh dono bore kar rahe ho

Sarath said...

welcome back dude..

Tinni wins hands down.. I guess I have heard your poem somewhere before, can't recall..

Trinaa said...

i like urs..d other one is by some big-headed goose. u win. toh party kab?

rahul said...

Nichu walla wins hands down ..wait I heard this somewhere :P

nice blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Niche walla is so nice and simple! I'm sure every person in the world will be hooked on to it once you release it :)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Trinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa U WIN!!!!

and URV....sudhar jaao:P

Abhinav said...

See, let me make it clear!

If the nichu wala poem hadn't existed, no1 would have understood the top wala!

Therefore there is no need for any competition...! Match drawn!

# Trinaa
Gud girl! }:-)

# Urv
Welcome back!

Express said...


coz in my world trinaa ko judge karne ki meri koi aukaad hi nahi hai. jaan hai woh meri, life i mean.

plus i have pea sized brains,
usmein nursery rhyme hi samati hai :D

bell-come buuaaccckkk!!!!

Chriz said...

Urv .. you are the winnder bro.. i loved the depth in your poem.. liked your rhyming style.. liked the colours in the poem.. your poem was also aout science cos it spoke about stars..you are not only a poet but also a scientist...

you related the star to a diamond.. there you show your creativity...

full marks to you..

Trinaa said...

@all..siiiiiiiiiigh! i take back my nomination..you-are-we wins! :D

Amrita~Ams said...

hey wb..
draw hai...
both the poem r gud..
I read ur twice to get the meaning.... :|

Amrita~Ams said...

:P :P :P :P...
I take my words back..i read it trice..
u r clear winner :D

Urv said...

~ Mads
Jao tumse baat nai karte :P :P :P

*Applause applause for her* :)

Urv said...

~ joie
Sach bolte waqt bhi kitni diplomacy.. So then I guess I win on the originality part :P

Urv said...

~ sarath
Thanks bro :)

Must be Deja vu and nothing else ;)

Urv said...

~ tinns

Party tussi bolo tab.. Jidhar bolo udhar :)

Urv said...

~ rahul
Welcome to the blog buddy :)

Tujhe bhi lagta hai ho raha hai Deja vu :P

Urv said...

~ rakesh
Thank u so much Rakesh! I am overwhelmed ;)

Urv said...

~ santa
Hum toh bhai jaise hai waise rahenge :P :P :P

Urv said...

~ abhi
Match draw nahi hua.. India jeet gaya re.. woh bhi 10 wickets se :D

Urv said...

~ express
Aaawwww.. cho chweet :)

Urv said...

~ chriz
Omigod Chrissy! You are the best! Thanks a ton for the appreciation ;)

Urv said...

~ amrita
Now read it the 4th time at night under the stars :P :P :P

workhard said...

Sorry Tinni, but i would say Urv wins cause he is original , and confident, and deep enough to pen down someone elses work.. LOL

Haiku Poems

Sayesha said...

Just for originality... you win buddy!

Vandita said...

hahaha... tinni wins here.

anusha said...

well .... it is a tough call ... but I pick Urv .. cause .. well the fact that i remember it :) and sadly enuf after reading it am actually humming it right now

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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