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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new year resolution

Do not take credit/debit cards when going for Window shopping!

I had earlier mentioned my love for shopping. Its gotten a lil out of hand now. Owing to my heroics, species of the fairer sex are finding it difficult to keep pace. Malls and shopping complexes are running out of new stocks. And John Abraham is going to stop acting :P

I nevva make resolutions. None this year as well. Shall try to keep things simple. Do less of planning. (Most things don't go according to plan) Be wild n crazy. Act zany n wacky. coz after all, its better to surprise Life rather than letting Life surprise you. Whassay :)

Happy new year! aur Happy ko bhi Happy new year :D


Chriz said...

all my four credit cards are blockedd now.. hehe.. i liked what HAPPY DID.. HAPPY IS A he? or a she?

nice one bro

new blog post in my page

Abhinav said...

Advertising!! ^^ hmm..

Happy new year dear!

HP said...

shop till you (accidentally) drop (the credit cards)

Mads said...

lollll :P @happy and ur resolution. hope it works out for u. love for shopping.sigh. :P shopping rocks.ok i wont make u feel bad for that resolution X-( good luck wid that :)
i cant stop laughing at the happy wala joke..hv to tell my friends abt it :P

Keshi said...

I hardly use my credit card when I shop. Im the kind of customer that the banks hate lol!

**And John Abraham is going to stop acting



Anonymous said...

lol... btw, what have you been buying? fairness cream? he he

and John Abraham is going to sto acting... somebody please tell me, when did he start?

Trinaa said...

there was no need to mention john here u wicked guy!! huuuunh!

n happy new yr to happy!
n to u too since this is ur blog! :P

Sarath said...

happy new year again dude...

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Me likes....its really funny!!!!
time for my new year resolutions!!!

Urv said...

~ chriz

Happy is generally a HE only.. Let it be that way :D

cominnnnn :)

Urv said...

~ abhinav
Nai nai.. I am not into advertising :P

Happy wishes u a happy new year too :)

Urv said...

~ hp
Chataak chataak! High-five :)

Urv said...

~ mads
:) Shoppin rocks indeed!

The Happy wala joke is one of my favs.. always makes me smile :)

Urv said...

~ keshi
Hehe.. Thats good but girl..

And dun worry.. Your John is not going to stop acting.. Relax :P

Urv said...

~ rakesh
Sssshhhh.. Its a top shecret ;)

Hahaha.. John.. Thats very true buddy.. :)

Urv said...

~ trinaa
:P :P :P Muahahaha

Happy wishes u a happy new year too :)
N i too wishes you :)

Urv said...

~ sarath
Happy new year again to ya too budd :)

Urv said...

~ santa
//time for my new year resolutions
Time for a new post girl!!

Chakoli said...

Happy new year to u too..
yups... better go fr cash alwaysss..

PizzaDude said...

LOL @ the "Happy" joke :D :D :D

We must go shopping together! Sometime in the next couple of weeks :) Which is the latest/happening shopping destination in Bangalore?

ceedy said...

saal mubarak...

and the happy joke is kewl...was karan johar there too :)

Keshi said...

I want John back!


Nidhi said...

In short just say that you ll stay the same :P

And yeah... plans usually dont go accordingly :( Ask me... i have faced it so many times :(

Kanan said...

Happy New Year! and poor happy I feel sorry for him :P

I follow the same philosophy as yours when it comes to resolutions. Btw, I'm sorry I haven't been sending my comments in. I did read the posts though but didn't take time for writing up the comments.

ps. thank you for Calvin. :)

CяystąL said...

John ain't going anywhere. =P


Live life like there is no tomorrow..... said...

hey that was a nice n short...post..i like ur intro..havent bn able to keep up with bloggin n blog readin for a while...its so good to hear dat a guy loves shoppin....wich is usually a girls paradise

Vandita said...

good thought, intelligent!

workhard said...

What a brilliant idea for next years resolution... I agree cause every time i make any resolutions i end up not even getting close..

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