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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gone with the wind...

Whenever he walked out on a cricket pitch and took guard, bowlers all round the world trembled and shivered in their run ups.. coz no matter how hard you tried, invariably the ball would race to the boundary at the speed of lightning.. before you could realize, the ball was gone.. gone with the wind..

For almost a decade, he has been an entertainer.. and probably the best at the job.. It did not matter whether he was opening the batting in ODIs or coming in at no. 7 in Tests, Adam Gilchrist knew only one thing.. to Hit the ball.. and he did it with class.. with a deadly combination of power and timing.. he has played many a memorable innings.. and they were all the same.. scintillating, with a stamp of authority.. the ball flying to all parts of the ground..

As a cricket lover, it is sad that he got out cheaply in what could be his last ODI.. but then, Don Bradman got out for a duck in his last international innings.. I know the comparisons may not seem appropriate.. but then the Don remains the most respected of cricketers.. the legend of Gilly calls for similar respect.. the man who walked in a World cup semi-final.. the most respected Australian cricketer.. or rather the only respected Aussie cricketer.. today, his walk back to the pavilion was not a typical Gilly walk back - brisk after a dominating innings.. it was slow.. it seemed heavy.. you wanted him to raise the bat but he could not.. the innings did not call for it.. but maybe the career did.. a supreme career.. by one of the greats of the game.. one who could walk in to any hall of fame.. today, I have goosebumps watching him leave the field..

Hold on, my vision's getting all blurry.. I feel my eyes getting a wee bit moist.. maybe its due to the wind.. and it will go away with the wind..

Goodbye Gilly.. Thanks a ton for all the entertainment.. will miss ya mate..