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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

(St)ripped apart

Shame shame.. Twice in 2 matches.. Consecutive matches.. Twice in a span of 3 days.. and the knockout punch..

Oh, of course I am talking about the streaker running on to the ground in both the finals.. ;) *winking so hard that its hurting the eye*

In our office, everyone who loved cricket, or played, or knew what it meant had come together in the cafeteria to see the match.. It was truly a sight to watch.. there was hardly any space to stand.. and people forgetting all the sophistication and climbing on tables and chairs and whistling and clapping and cheering.. watching together in unison as India made history..

Last time when India toured Australia, they did well in the Test series but then faltered in the ODIs.. they had been burned out due to the very long series.. they peaked their performance well before the summit and then went down the valley.. but not this time.. they peaked at the right time.. n they rose to the top..
And as so often, India rose again with Tendulkar..