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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Like Bangalored, like Benched.. I have come up with my top 7 office games.

  • Slot machine - Enter the same search query again and again in the Google search bar. If you get the same response time, you win. Yipee. Your prize - you can now enter a new query. You cannot enter a new query unless you win.
  • What's in a name - Well generally, we don't even know the names of the people sitting nearby. So come early to the office and greet everyone as they come and ask their names. When the same people leave office, greet them again by addressing them by their names. If you get all right, you win. Yipee. You no longer have to come early to office. You don't win unless you get all the names right. (No cheating. You cannot show off your brains and write down the names. Preserve your brains for those times when you are assigned work)
  • Popularity game - Open Wikimapia or download Google Earth. Start memorizing the names of all places around your city. Also as an add-on, try remembering the places-to-visit in the corresponding city. Next time when you meet anyone, ask them their native. If it happens to be one that you have already memorized, jackpot. Start parroting whatever you know. You will immediately become a favorite of the person. coz not only did you not give the person now-where-on-earth-is-that-place look but to top that, you just told the person more than he knew about his never-before-heard city.
  • Scary game - This one's my personal favorite. Scan and select a base location where people don't know you. Take a pen and notepad with you. Stand at a little distance and pretend as if you are observing the people around. After a few minutes of observation, act as if making notes in your pad. Do this everyday at random hours of the day. All the ho-halla about lay-offs and pink slips will scare the hell out of them. This is a win-win for everyone. You can hone your acting skills, the employees will start working harder, and the employer's productivity will only end up getting a boost.
  • Table tennis - Most companies will have a ping-pong table. If you are a novice, be dedicated and become a pro. If you are already a pro, you can only get better.
  • Blog.
If you happened to realize that there is one less bullet or if you had already started counting the bullets before reading, your condition is pretty much similar to mine. And you just won game no. 7. Your prize:

Come, have a seat.. :)