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Friday, April 24, 2009

6 x 6 = 36

There are two kinds of men:

1. Those who openly admit that they adore Tendulkar and
2. Those who do not openly admit that they adore Tendulkar.


The Little Master turns 36 today. In a career that spans across two decades, he has been the best 'coz no other icon has even come close to knowing the expectations of a billion people. He has been the best 'coz he has been a benchmark for batsmen around the world. He has been the best 'coz he is revered by people the world over. He has been the best 'coz this list is endless.

There are a very few occasions when a sportsperson becomes bigger than the game itself. Tendulkar, unknowingly, through sheer genius, has gone eons ahead of that.

He is the best 'coz, well, he simply is.


Sanchit said...

happy birtday :)

Abhinav said...

I am among the firsts!

Express said...


its like purest love for both the game and the people.
and it doesnt get better than this.

sachin is god.
and 'I' for one cannot imagine the game w/o him.

Lovely dedication Urv
Long live the mastero

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Yes!!!i adore him too:)...
but im not one of the any type of men...so i can declare my love for him openly:)

Trinaa said...

he is d reason i even bother to watch cricket. so yes, i openly admit to loooooooooooving him. :D

HP said...

"He has been the best 'coz this list is endless." --- jagab likh diya :D

Urv said...

~ sanchit

Urv said...

~ abhi
Yayy :)

Urv said...

~ shatab
Yesh thats so true. Its hard to imagine cricket without him :)

Cheers :D

Urv said...

~ santa
Hehe.. Yes, you can love him khullam khulla :)

Urv said...

~ trinaa

Urv said...

~ hp
par sach hai na :)

enchantinganki said...

Oh..I am happy to see someone else wishing sachinon the blog...!
i too wished him..
he rocks..:-)
Happy budday master blaster!

enchantinganki said...

i wished him on my blog...hehe!
(correcting the mistake done in the comment above)

Mads said...

nice one there...i specially loved the title...simply fantabulous

He's God.
Happy B'day :-) Just want him to win a World Cup before he signs off.... :'(

Mads said...

and u hv written it so well...cant stop reading it... :)
yes yes i openly adore sachin...
he's the best coz the list is endless- super line...

The kota guy said...

When I was small, I heard a lot things negative about sachin's centuries. Then once I saw him with that straight drive of his, that straight bat. That day I decided that he is genius. A happy birthday to him. We all adore him and I do it openly now.
Nice post!

Hemanth Potluri said...

he is the best :)..


Prachi Bansal said...

for some reason i loved the last line..

Urv said...

~ enchantinganki
Main to usko hamesha se wish karte aa riyaaa hoo :)

Urv said...

~ mads
Haan, I hope the Indian team gifts him cricket's biggest prize in 2011. A World Cup win on Indian grounds would be just perfect :D

//cant stop reading it...
Aisi hi dedication padhai mein bhi lagana :P

Urv said...

~ kota guy
That negativity is all 'coz of expectations man.

The straight drive is a class apart :D

Urv said...

~ hemanth
Yes he is :)

Urv said...

~ prachi

Anonymous said...

OH he is TOO cute! :D

Keshi said...

Happy Bday Tendulkar!

I used to be in love with him :) yeah just before I spotted John Abraham though!


Aditi..............:) said...

I am the type one!! I admit it loudly that I adoreee him :P
And the photo of him in your post is absolute treat to the eye...his smile is so grounded...so simple yet so extraordinary!
I dont know the technicalities of the game he plays...but I sure know how to shout out loud when he strikes his bat!! :P

Ashmeet said...

I a not cricket fan neither a sachin but it took for me a complete surprise cause its the first time i came across a die-hard sachin fan...u rembr his birthday and u actually wrote a blog...hats off!!!!! I adore it!

pseudo intellectual said...

wow. true-blue sachin fan eh? i like him too. the master blaster is truly a special sportsperson :)

Urv said...

~ ki
Yes he is :D

Urv said...

~ Keshi
You want me to tell you whom should you stick with :P

Urv said...

~ aditi
Yeah I love that pic. I had used the same one last year as well :)

Urv said...

~ ashmeet
Yeah I am a lil cricket crazy. Well, a lot :D

Urv said...

~ pseudo
Yes he's the best :D

Anonymous said...

He's the BEST'EST' :) Go Sachin!!! :) Loved the pic :)

Dream'R said...

"THE BEST" eh??...hmmmm..the accolades brilliant but one question...how many world cups has he won? how many test series has he won in australia and south africa??...if i m not mistaken its zero...

In sport, greatness is defined by the trophies one wins...pele, maradona etc etc r the greatest...ryan giggs never won a world cup hence not up in that league...tendulkar therefore will always fall short...just a great player but never to be mentioned with the greatest of all times...that position my dear friend will always be occupied by the vivian richards, the shane warne's, the garfiled sobers..people who changed the game..players who WON stuff!!


Urv said...

~ kido

Urv said...

~ dream'R
Sachin Tendulkar has not been part of a world cup winning team.

The likes of Sir I V A Richards and Sir Garfield Sobers played for arguably the greatest side of all time. A side that included the likes of Desmond Haynes, Gordon Greenidge, Malcom Marshall, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Andy Roberts and others. Shane Warne probably played in the other greatest side. And though he goes down as the greatest leg spinner of all time, he will never be a role model like a say, Steve Waugh.

Modern cricketing legends like Sachin and Lara did not have that privilege. Where a Viv Richards hundred would have won his side the match, Sachin's innings would invariably only end up getting him a Man of the Match.

And according to your idea of greatness my friend, the likes of W G Grace and Sir Donald Bradman would never be considered greatest. Whereas in fact, these are the very first people in a list of cricketing greats.

Also, sports is not just about winning or losing. Test cricket would not have survived all these years if that is all purists looked for. Sports is about the moments and memories.

• The recollection of an Anil Kumble coming out to bowl with a bandaged face at Antigua.
• The sweet memories of Arsene Wenger's invincibles going unbeaten through the Premier League season.
• The run out in the 1999 World cup semi final.
• The epic battle between Rafa and Roger.
• That 8 over spell from Ishant against Ponting

and so many others...

Cheers :)

Dream'R said...

Sir donald bradman never played in an ODI...so that doesnt count my friend!! And W.G.Grace!! come off it bro...Grace was an entertainer...thats about it...statistically he doesnt measure up with the best players.

Sachin more often than not hasn't been able to carry the team through especially when it counts. We all know how tendulkar measures up in a pressure situation. And as far as Warne goes...warne changed the face of cricket with one mere ball so please dont compare warne with anyone else who's ever played the game. He might not be a role model but a legened beyond comparison, a once in a lifetime player..he ll always remain.

More often than not sport is about winning.

* The aussie cricket team.
* ManUnited and the Treble.
* Warne's Gatting Ball.
* Schumacher just dominating opponent after opponent after opponent.
* The Ryan Giggs run that decimated Arsenal.

Funnily enough winners are always remember...losers aint.

And tendulkar will always be - "a great player but he never won anything substantial".!!


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I've received my first tag... Do have a look if time permits...
Cheers!!! :)

Urv said...

My dear friend, Warne did not win everything single handedly. He probably had one of the best pacers of his era to do the job up the order. And since 1999, they played in an almost unbeatable side.

And when it came to bowling to the best players of spin bowling, Warne was often treated like a mediocre bowler playing in the gullies of Mumbai. But does that make him any less great? NO it does not.

Warne was a legend on the field. So is Sachin. Both on and off.

And by mentioning the Gatting Ball, you have vindicated why we follow sports. Of course winners will be remembered. But more so the memories.

Peace it is. Or else Blogger shall ban the both of us for writing comments that are longer than posts ;)

PS: Of course I love the Wizard of Oz :D

Urv said...

~ dreamR
The above comment is for you.

Urv said...

~ kido
I already did :)

Keshi said...

**You want me to tell you whom should you stick with

yep go ahead? :)


Prachi Bansal said...

post more!
i keep waiting!

Anonymous said...


Anurag said...

without a doubt mann ...

I mean the fact that his C.V is gonna read like 1989-2011(Potentially) speaks more than volumes of his ability as a player...Though there is only one thing missing from his career so far which is a world cup winner's medal...I am sure that's destined in 2011...

Sachiiin Sachin....*Clap Clap Clap* :)

Anurag said...

dude I just read the altercation between you and dream R....and I have to say I agree with Dream R....The Winner takes all bro....

Moments and memories make sport what it is yes but I am sure if you ask sachin what would he really want ..all his records or a world cup winner's medal ...he wouldn't hesitate to answer the latter bro ... :)

Dream'R said...

urv ma man...thats very gentlemanly yaar...seriously...usually when i get started on tendulkar it ends up in an argument but u r 2 kool bro..sachii..not bein sarcastic at all ok..hats off yaar.

@anurag - yaar its no altercation..just chit -chat ;-)...but thanx for agreeing..

peter said...

I become the second type when i meet some die hard sachin fans..!

He is a 'legend-wait for it-dary' :D

Ash @ thy...Call sign:Humbug said...

Fuck U dreamR!!...

Sachin is Gr8!

Ash @ thy...Call sign:Humbug said...

@ Dream R

| |
| |
| |
/'\| |/'\..
/~\| | | | \
| =[@]= | | \
| | | | | \
| ~ ~ ~ ~ |` )
| /
\ /
\ /
\ _____ /
| (( +==)) |

Toonfactory said...

Not much into cricket but I really like the way Master Blaster plays...

joiedevivre said...

aaila sachin :D

superb hai..

Stupidosaur said...

No sir. Its not Sachin's birthday today. It hasn't been his birthday for quite a while now.

Hey wait! That means something doesn't it?

Yeah it means you haven't blogged in quite a while :P

Dewdrop said...

Love the choice of the pic!!!

Stupidosaur said...

Why dont you glide down in a "Parachute from the Horizon" and post something?

I know you have some happening things to share.

HP said...

hey bro ! happy budday to you !! :D

Anonymous said...

There's somethng for you on my blog :)

Mads said...

hey, u got awards in my post \:D/ check it out.
and why isnt sir updating his blog :-w

Mango Man said...

Raam raam baapu :) when's the next post coming up?

Dr. Acula said...

There are two kinds of men:

1. Those who openly admit that they adore Tendulkar and
2. Those who do not openly admit that they adore Tendulkar.

He He He...sahiii baat!! :P :P

Keshi said...

Urv just cos u dun visit me anymore that doesnt mean I hv a BF! lol come n check out my current post ;-)


BIG Omi said...

hey tendlya rocks na! :) god wish this one plays forever n ever n ever n ever in our team.. his mere presence makes not only the team but the whole nation confident abt the victory! isn't it??

Nidhi said...

I agree ! I agree ! I agree !

Sachin ROCKS !!

Though belated ! But a very vey happy birthday to him :)

Vandita said...


The Crazy Apothecary said...

And then there are women from Milan, who care a flying feather??!!! :P :P :P

Cherry said...

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