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Saturday, April 26, 2008


I unlocked the door of my house and was taken aback by the number of mosquitoes swarming inside. And by 'number', I dont mean a few here n there which would prompt a girl to say 'Ouch, kitne machhar kaat rahe hai' and the boyfriend to reply 'thats coz u r so sweet jaan'. They were in a 'number' enough to freak out even Andrew Symonds. (Thats the first name that came to my mind.) So, scared as hell, I took off and rushed to the nearest shop.

Me : Boss, mosquitoes ke liye sab se effective kya hai?
Shopkeeper : Sir, Hit.
Me: : Ok, give me one Hit then.

*I take out my wallet to give the money.*

Shopkeeper : Brush chaiye?
Me : ?? Kya
Shopkeeper : Brush
Me : Kaisa brush!!?
Shopkeeper : Toothbrush
Me : !!! :( :(

Good to see total strangers so worried about my teeth condition. Good to see that there is still some goodness left in the world. Par sambhal ke uncle, zyaada bola to battissi tod dunga :D


Meher :) said...


He was just being helpful.. after all, like you said, there are still good people in this world :-D

Urv said...

:) But I hope I don't get a very high doze of 'this' kind of goodness :p

random passer by said...

lol. :D

Stupidosaur said...

He was asking about brush because he thought you would need it if you fell asleep keeping your mouth open. After all the mosquitos would need to go somewhere to escape the Hit, isn't it?

Urv said...

~random passer by

My friends have told me that me sleeping is one scary sight. So can be pretty sure the mosquis won't dare to come anywhere near me :D

Stupidosaur said...

Ek toh tu raatko light bandh karke sotaa hai. So mosquitos, don't even need to 'dare' in order to come near you. Aise hi aa jaate hain tere paas.

(Thats why you went to buy hit in the first place)

Plus even if you sleep with the light , or just the night light on, and the sight of you sleeping in that light does looks scary to your friends, mosquitos may still want to enter your mouth. After all, the perception of whats scary, whats grouse, whats beautiful, etc varies from species to species. Just imagine, male mosquitoes are actually attracted to their ugly little female mosquito mates!

Stupidosaur said...

Just came to check if any reply.

By the way, since there were so many of those bloodsuckers, did you 'Count Dracula' :)?

Urv said...

//Just imagine, male mosquitoes are actually attracted to their ugly little female mosquito mates!

As u mentioned (little mosquito), size does matter mate :)

Stupidosaur said...

//As u mentioned (little mosquito), size does matter mate :)

Are you referring to the proboscis or what?

Tere is totally unrelated reply se mera sar chakra gaya, aur mein gir gaya.

(Aur mere neeche thodey aur machchhar dab ke mar gaye. Hooray!)

Urv said...

PROBOSCIS!! Don't use such heavy terms. Have I not mentioned my IQ at the blog header :D

//(Aur mere neeche thodey aur machchhar dab ke mar gaye. Hooray!)

Hope there are more females. They are the bloodsuckers(No pun intended).

Stupidosaur said...

I specifically thought hard to come up with the apt term 'proboscis' because it can be interpreted to have two meanings here. Warna apna bhi IQ Dajiba hai.

1) Mosquitos bite you with their proboscis.
2) The meaning may be stretched to mean whatever you intended to mean with that size thing, attraction thing, etc, if you did indeed intend to mean anything ;)

Urv said...

So then are male mosquitoes proboscisless. coz they are not the ones doing the biting. or is it like a vestigial organ in them.

Note: I had to look in the science dictionary for the term 'vestigial' :)