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Friday, April 18, 2008

Morning musings

I am going to leave office early today. At 6:30. Don't you worry, I am not going to bother the reader about my entire day schedule, and when I plan to have lunch, and what I had in breakfast. (I had Idli-sambhar n rice pongal by the way :) ) The reason I will be leaving early is that my roomie is leaving Bengaluru. So gotta see him off. (I doubt whether that is correct usage) Come to think of it, I cannot recall the last time I left office before - jab ghadi ki chhoti sui west mein point karti hai aur ghadi ki lambi sui north mein point karti hai. Goegraphy happened to be one of my favorite subjects in school. To uska asar to rahega hi na.

And recently I have been bitten by the work bug. To main subah subah kuch zyaada hi jaldi tapak padta hun office mein - jab ghadi ki chhoti sui south-west mein point karti hai aur ghadi ki lambi sui south mein point karti hai. Arre, ek baar bola na geography was my favorite. I have been getting the feeling that I don't live in Bangalore. coz this Bangalore is supposed to have very bad traffic and thats why the Unlock Bangalore campaign has been started. But due to my wierd office-going-comingBack-timings, I don't see any vehicles on road. The roads all seem like expressways to me.

Now this schedule has had a big impact on one of my addictions - television. So much that I am using the word television and not TV! There was a time when I used to eat, drink, sleep tv. bole to mere ghar mein it used to be switched on while I was watching it, while I was eating, while I was studying, while I was sleeping.. I used to watch it even when there was nothing worthwhile coming on it. Thats how I started watching golf. If you think Test Matches are boring, you need to watch guys walking miles n miles, halting every now n then, doing some samba dance as they position themselves, frantically trying to figure out the wind directions and the slope of the ground, and when they get bored with these things, thankfully hitting the ball.
And, I had even started following Oprah! Now thats HUGE for a guy. As huge as a gal knowing who is Mpumelelo Mbangwa. Not what. Who.

Its true that getting rid of an addiction like this is good, but things have shifted to the other extreme now. So much that recently I found it very strange when I grabbed the 6 inch long 2 inch wide remote. I had to actually surf through all the channels to find Espn Star. I had forgotten that something wonderful called Star World also exists. Its been months since I watched a Friends episode, or watched a movie on Star movies, or simply ogled at Ftv. Entire cricket serieses (my plural for series) have started and gotten over under my umbrella of ignorance. Itna ignorance that a couple of days back, I asked in public 'Yeh ICL kab shuru hone wala hai?' Luckily, everybody thought I was asking about IPL. Which, due to that same stupid question ki meherbani, I know is starting today.

And according to inside information, I have come to know that SRK is going to be the 12th man. He has decided not to let go of any opportunity to display himself. He originally wanted to be the umpire, but in the practice sessions, he was raising a lot of unnecessary fingers instead of just one (due to his 'Kya aap panchvi claas se tez hai' and Krazzy 4 shoots).