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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eureka !

Eureka! I rediscovered gravity.

Newton saw the apple fall. Well, I saw the entire tree fall. It rained last night in Bangalore. And it rained lions n tigers. The thunder, the lightning, the sheer volume of the rains. It was scary. So damn scary that if Gabbar would have been around, he would have hidden in his mommy ka pallu and started singing 'Main kabhi batlata nahin'.

So as most of India is sweating to the heat of the summer, Bengalurueans are being hailstoned. I remember the scene in Hum Tum where Saif says 'January mein baarish'. Yaar, idhar to saala har mahine mein baarish hoti hai. Kaash Newton zinda hota. He would have been able to see so many falling rain drops.

Eureka eureka,
Of football and Kaka,
Of F1 and Mika,
Eureka eureka,
I want to have a pizza paprika,
I want to fire a bazooka,
Eureka eureka.

Plz don't start aiming any bazookas at me. coz, when did Shakespeare say that poetry should make sense :)


Sanchit said...

By Mika you mean that Rakhi Sawant wala mika ??

And i know that Bazooka comes from worms.. haina :)

and yeah farhan the dude passed.. flying colors..

Urv said...

Nai dudey,Mika Hakinnen of Formula1. N sach mein to it was not coz of worms, but ab tune bola to I will have to play a round. As a tribute to those lovely worm days :)