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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lesson learnt

Its true how life teaches you a lot of lessons. Some pleasant, some harsh. Some small, some big. But all, worth remembering.

So yesterday eve, just as the sun was about to set, I head for home. Grab a glass of masala chai on the way. Aah, how lovely it tasted. Reach home, slump in front of the tv. The match between Mumbai Bangalore is about to start. Order a couple of pizzas - American Heat n Tandoori Paneer to be precise.

The pizza delivery boy rings the bell in less than half an hour's time. The pizzas look yummy and colorful with all the olives, babycorn, paneer, jalapenos, green chillies. For seasonings, sprinkle some pepper, oregano, red chilli powder. Open the bottle of Thums Up. Look up at the tv screen.
Zaheer bowls to Jayasuriya. The ball nips back into him and hits him on the pad. The batsmen decide to sneak a single. Zaheer charges in towards the ball, picks it up, turns, aims towards the non-striker's end, and lets go off the ball. Brilliant. Bang on target! Jayasuriya is caught short off the line. One of the saddest ways of getting out. Tears start rolling down my eyes. And also, Jayasuriya is a great player. More tears. He starts his walk back to the pavilion. But I can't watch it. Eyes all blood red, tears still rolling down as if gates to some dam reservoir have been opened.. Jayasuriya reaches his teammates and takes a seat, obviously dejected. The tears continue. Why god why! why did this happen. I guess its all my fault. I should not get so much involved. The tears are unstoppable.

Lesson learnt: Never take your fingers anywhere near your eyes after you have used red chilli powder.


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such beautiful commentary no hint of chilly powder rofl