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Friday, July 25, 2008

Main aisa kyon hoon

Here is the Unspectacular Quirk tag:
  1. Link the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the rules on your blog.
  3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
  4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
  5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs, letting them know that they have been tagged.
While I was having my cup of tea, Bhai with chai left a comment on my blog informing me that I was tagged and Trinaa who keeps things simple decided to complicate the already cluttered blogger database. Thank you both for tagging yours truly :)

I tag those:
  • who have not tagged me before
  • whom I have not tagged before
  • who have not already done the tag
Think tank
(names are in ascending order of the blogger name lengths)

I cannot concentrate much in the evenings. So in school/college during exam times, I used to sleep real early, say 8 or 9 and wake up at 1 or 2 in the night. And I could not start studying before having tea, followed by taking a bath. Yes, a bath at that time in the night.

Its not an easy job being my roomie. I need to sleep with the fan on. No matter how cold it is.

I have 2 modes of shopping: On-the-spot-spontaneous-shopping and the other overly-planned-time-consuming-shopping where I will go and check out every shop in and around. The wife's not going to do much complaining I guess.

You will not find any tangled wires around me. I like to have things straight n simple.


Thank heavens to those people who put the T9 dictionary in mobile phones. I jus dn gt d kewl sms lingo. K den. Chao til d nxt pst :)

*except with really really close ones


Bhai with Chai said...

lemme read now! :D

Trinaa said...

Agree with bhai..finally..:))

"I used to sleep real early, say 8 or 9 and wake up at 1 or 2 in the night." ..me too..me too!!

n u like shopping?...good boy! n ur probably d 1st of ur kind ;)

n ps: i dont like sharing food either..but ppl just dont pay attention to dis lil fact ...waaaaaaaaahhh :(

Bhai with Chai said...

Time liya, lekin kiya good good! :)

studying, bathing kuch bhi - :-S

fan ? thand mein bhi? 'cool' :D

shopping?! yaaaay! :D
(did not expect that in the list, well, for that matter, didn't know what to expect anywayyy)


Ditto! infact, there's one thing I was gonna write next but they got to 6 already.. I'll write it in some post for sure.. a lil weird and I don't feel like hogging comment space, which is precisely, what I am doing right now.. so.. uhh.. well :/

Ditto, ditto!
but.. I do use that lingo, when I'm going,going,gone on balance! :D

Massttttt post! :)

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
He he :) Sarry for the delay

Haan baba finally :)

//I used to sleep real early, say 8 or 9 and wake up at 1 or 2 in the night." ..me too..me too
One important question. How long were you able to stay awake after that? I did not too well ;)

N regarding the food, Whats mine is mine :D

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
:)) I think Joey has left a lasting impression on all of us :D likho likho post likho..

N yeah me too is forced to use the lingo when making international sms etc.. :) paisa ped pe to nahi ugta na!

Trinaa said...

well actually i'd generally fall asleep 10 mins later n then wake up again at 5 n THEN study!.. but plz dont tell my parents i said so ;)

pizzadude said...

Ah! Will do it soon :)

Abhinav said...

First of all.. congrats... u r still alive..!

and second.. be careful in Bangalore!
and third.. taking bath at night and then sleeping with fan on is calling Cold-Devta and Sneeze-Devi!

hp said...

when u thank the T9 people, thank them from me too.

Bhai with Chai said...

//paisa ped pe to nahi ugta na

spot on! :D
Bhai khush hua :D

Urv said...

So you are normal all right. I mean its said that the time between 2 and 5 is the best to sleep :) don't worry its between us only ;)

Waiting :)

Ah! Thanks to you, I discovered the reason for me getting viral every couple of months

:) Sure will do that

~bhai with chai
:D hum bhi khush hue

Solitaire said...

Ay bhai! Have done this one before!

I can be your roommate. No matter how hot or cold it is, I have to have the blanket on. :)

And oh you don't share food? What about the kinds of foods being discussed on Short and Sweet right now?

Urv said...

:( On which blog have you done the tag?

Me too. Fan on, blanket on :D

And no, I still don't share MY food :)

Solitaire said...

This one..
Its quite similar.

Think Tank said...

i think im the most normal person of all you taggies till date

Urv said...

Thats what! I searched on your blog for Quirk but could not find so tagged thy :(

~think tank
Leave that to US to decide :P

Keshi said...

I did this same tag long time ago Urv :)

wut, u dun share food? :(


Trinaa said...

@think tank- normal? u?..rofl!!

Urv said...

:( Did you also do a tag like this with a different name?

~trinaa n think tank

Chakoli said...


Tea ke lioye sam epinch :PP

par bath.... nahi.............!!!

So hygenic boy ;)))

sam epinch for fan as well...

I cantr sleept without that :DDD

shopping....that tooo 2 types...kewl...biwi bahut jydaa khush ho jayengi ;))

Urv said...

Yes tea is my staple drink :)

Bath isliye ke people say that nahane se nind achhi aati hai :D

Actually, me can't sleep without the fan and the blanket..

Biwi khush to apun bhi khush :)

Chakoli said...


to ab khush karne ke nuskhe likh daalo... :PPP

Ya nuskhe pata hain toh shadhi kar daalo... :PP

Urv said...

Bhagwan ke ghar der hai par andher nahi :))

Keshi said...

lol dun be sad. yes different name. But I mite take it up again..

Im so slow with tags :) so plz bear with me ok.


Urv said...

Hmm.. Since you have done it before, its your choice. Leave it up to ya :)

my inner world said...

u like shopping, u r probably the first boy to say so , grt going !!!!!

Urv said...

~my inner world
Welcome to the blog :D

Yup I do.. :)

Kanan said...

Aaaiii! so much thinking! I'll post mine as soon as I can think of stuff to write. Btw, pretty surprised to find that you like shopping. :) What a fan addict you are. Brrr! I can't stand fans, even in summer. I prefer the breeze thru an open window over a fan.

Btw, I'm sad to see Calvin strip go away on the sidebar. :(

Urv said...

Waiting... Arre I also don't mind the breeze thru an open window.. But the fan has to be on.. Ab jab lagaya hai to use karna chaiye na :D

As for the cartoon widget, I am very annoyed :(

Express said...

Haha, I do over nights, coz if i sleep at 8 n plan 2 get up at 2 , i dont get up and wht i get u knw :-P

fan on, same pinch! fan on, blanket ki adat recenty lagi hai..

and I HATE having food all by myself. If I am not sharing, atleast I need company.

SMS lingo is stupid. using initials for everything is worse. like u get up n u get "GM" :-| "gd mornin" is better :-P

Nicely done.

Urv said...

I have a gift of sleeping so could never accomplish an overnight :( Exam results hence often resulted in some sleepless nights :)

Lets open a we-sleep-with-the-fan-on club :D Quite a few people seem to be doing so..

Of course I too need company to have food..

Yes, I too don't like gm, tc, gn etc etc.. Seem impersonal to me.. N the one I hate is 'Same to you' :D

Thanku :)