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Friday, July 11, 2008

Stay safe

I live in Bangalore. We all employees received the following mail few minutes back:

Dear all,

We have just received information that there are communal disturbances in the city. As a precautionary measure, you are requested to leave the office immediately.

In case there is any emergency work, the same can be rescheduled.

So all you out there who happen to be reading this and are in Bangalore, please stay safe. Also pass on the message to friends/family.


Bhai with Chai said...

omg.. takecare!
//In case there is any emergency work, the same can be rescheduled

what the..?

ceedy said...

oye...take care lejo bhai....

what happened?????

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
Why did u get angry? The mail meant that even if there is any urgent work, do it later. Leave immediately..

Haan bhai. Thanku ji..
Nothing much.. some incident happened in some area and there was stone pelting, mob gathering, curfew etc..

Having lived in Gujarat for so many years, words like riots, floods, plague scare the hell out of me..

Bhai with Chai said...

Oh le.. Don't even ask what I thought!
I'm embarrassed now!

Abhinav said...

Hii.. I am new to your blog and now have, almost, each post.. nice blog :)!

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
He he :) I thought that u had misunderstood..

Hi Abhinav. Welcome to the blog. Thanks :)

mayz said...

ah i jus reached back blore tdy...thnx for d info...i'll tk an off tmrw from office :P

Keshi said...

TC man!


Urv said...

Yes man please do :P

Thanku :D Thankfully the situation did not inflate.

Solitaire said...

Riots? What for? Is that all that people do there?

Urv said...

Luckily it did not turn into a riot. Had it been my homestate, in all probability it would have.