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Monday, July 14, 2008

Symonds the cutest

Some days back, I saw the movie 10,000 BC. It was an ok-types timepass movie. All the actors had scary makeup though, trying to generate a feel of the pre-historic era. There was this young boy who seemed like a look alike of Andrew Symonds. And apparently, he looked the cutest.

That is Andrew Symonds. So you can imagine how scary the others would have looked :D


Trinaa said...

how racist urv!! ;)..lol!!

Sach said...

:) completely agree :)

Urv said...

Oyyee!! How am I a racist. I am only calling Symonds cute :P

Welcome to the blog :D

Think Tank said...

if symonds is cute and the guy in this profile pic is you..you are positively the hottest being on earth

ceedy said...

Whats scary about this?

Bhai with Chai said...

Put this man in jail!
He used antonyms in the title!!
:/ :0

joiedevivre said...

oye symonds ne pad liye toh tuhje andar karwa dega!!

Keshi said...

Symonds is def not cute lol!

He's scary alrite!


Urv said...

~think tank
Hahaha :D
And am glad you could figure out the secret hidden purpose behind the post :P

What yaar! Tell this to Symonds. He will be damn happy :)

~bhai with chai
Haha :D Another nice one :)

//oye symonds ne pad liye
I happened to read 'ped' :D

I know.. Ceedy is not convinced though :)

Abhinav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abhinav said...

You know waise Symmonds k khilaaf mereko ek bhi shabd bardaasht nahi hai!!!
u said he is cutest.. that is why I am not very angry! ;-) (just monkeying..!)

waise when you hv got time chek out...

Mansi Trivedi said...

I didnt like the movie either
but funny post!

Urv said...

Ha ha. Checked your post. :) Nice photos.. The time when he knocked out the streaker was so cute na ;)

~mansi trivedi
Welcome to the blog :D Maybe the movie was made for the year 10,000 BC. Just like Love story 2050 movie is a movie to be seen not before 2050! :D

HP said...

lol.. awesome pic ;) .. goes to show how our dear Bhajji was wrongly accused.

Keshi said...

Ceedy, Symmonds' tongue looks venomous lol!


Urv said...

:D Thats what re. Bhajji is an angel ;)

~keshi and ceedy
Spot on Keshi. Venom.. Ceedy.. 'Saanp ceedy' :D