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Monday, July 21, 2008

Yeh to gaya!

Oh no!! It is very sad. But then some things happen. Not everything is in our hands. Destiny plays its role too. Fate and time took their toll on him. He has lost his senses. Nobody can help him now.


Ram Gopal Varma wants to remake Aag!


joiedevivre said...

oye teri AAg ka remake..
khabar paaki hai kya??

Abhinav said...

maine first nahi dekhi.. i mean poori nahi dekh saka... :P u know why..

iss time full nahi dekhi toh mera naam bhi Hrithik Roshan nahi!

Stupidosaur said...

Cast of the new movie:

Dried sticks and the matchbox from which one of the actors of the first RGV Aaag had lit a beedi

(Ramu does not have any money left to pay the other actors)



(Notice the extraa Aa. Its gonaa be a hit!)

Solitaire said...


PizzaDude said...


Don't you think the movie had a very corny title - 'RGV ki Aag'?

Bhai with Chai said...

he does?

and did ya see the movie?
I haven't..

Keshi said...

must be a good one then?


HP said...

god help this planet!

Urv said...

Haan ji. Khabar to aayi hai. Irade nek nahi hai Ramu kaka ke :)

:D Ramu kaka ki jai ho
agar tu puri nahi dekh paaya, to tujhe Harman bulayenge :)

Aah! Woh song yaad aa gaya: Tip tip barsa paani, paani ne aag lagayi :)

Yessss. Ramu kaka ki satak gayi hai

Urv said...

Ha ha :D Very true. How about RGV ke Sholay :)

~bhai with chai
Seems so. Thanks to the public uproar, me too did not see the movie.

Nope Keshi. The movie 'RGV ki Aag' was one of the worst things. Ever. And not just on tv :) And he wants to make a remake of it.

Ramu kaka wants to turn this to a Planet of the Apes! :D

Trinaa said...

naahhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..... bachao bachao..

Urv said...

Jo darr gaya, samjho mar gaya :)

ceedy said...

Bhen ka takaa :P

BTW have you read my older post

"rgv ki aag - ceedy ka paani"

bapu maro version to hit che - chokas :)

Chakoli said...

Ohh and I thot its about Contract which is again FLOP.... :)))

Btw RAmu considers his amitabh best role in RGV...and says its one of his good films:)))

Keshi said...

haha ok!


Urv said...

Nai bhai. Will go n check it out :)

Welcome to the blog.
He has gone crazy. Lets ask him if we should select Aag as India's entry to the oscars :D


Chakoli said...


and no wonder we could win that as well :)

Trinaa said...

aag part 2 dekhne se accha hai ki hum mar hi jayein.. 8-)

Urv said...

Yeah! As such most Oscar material movies are hard to understand :)

Ya phir we can move to Fiji ;)

Nidhi said...

Hey !! New to your blog !

I can't say nething else but "Ye AAG kaise bhujegi"

I am amazed he still have thenerves to make it again...


Nidhi said...

Hey ! I forgot to mention ... I really liked ur profile pic :) Its really nice...

Urv said...

Welcome to the blog :)

Wohi to. Ramu is leading by example. Such great belief in himself :D

Thanku for the pic :)