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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

public IPL getIplThoughts(Cheer cheerleaders)

Don't bother yourself with the title. We engineers have a habit of acting all geeky n nerdy at times. I just wanted to pen down some random thoughts about the IPL so far. A little following of the IPL matches might prove in handy for a further read.
  • I guess that Bangalore and Hyderabad must be the hottest places in India. Atleast thats what the costume of their cheerleaders suggests. I am planning to go see it. Don't want to miss such an opportunity. HEY, I meant the match! This is the only match left in Bangalore that falls on a Saturday.
  • Call me a purist, but for me, Dravid's straight drive of Kulkarni was the shot of the tourament. Only one man could have matched it. And, Yuvi pulled off the catch of the tournament.
  • Somehow the idea of guy cheerleaders freaks me out; just like Ross is freaked out by the thought of a male Nanny n Chandler by the thought of a male nurse.
  • Aamir Sohail, as a commentator, sucks bigtime.
  • I could not stop laughing when Rahul Dravid n Wasim Jaffer decided to open the innings of a Twenty20 match when their side had to chase 222. Poor Mallya.
  • Shanthakumaran Sreesanth would have made sure that the Kings XI Punjab came last in the Fair Play Award if Bhajji had not come to his rescue.
  • I just realized the irony: the ever so agreesive Sreesanth's name begins with the word 'Shant'
  • I was rolling on the floor laughing when, after Chennai's 4th consecutive victory, Zrikkanth started singing 'Chennai chennai Zuper king, chennai chennai Zuper king'. It was abZZZolutely hillarious.
  • In terms of whats-right-and-whats-wrong, I don't think cheerleaders should be allowed onto a cricket field. Its supposed to be a family game after all.
  • Its sad that Wizard of Oz never got to be captain of Australia. I believe he has one of the smartest cricketing brains.
  • I am eagerly waiting to see the 2 greats - Jayasuriya and Sachin walk side by side and open the batting.