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Monday, June 16, 2008


Dharmendar paaji used to say to the Bollywood goons 'Kutte! kamine! main tera khoon pi jaaunga'

Well, some of the poplulace of the fairer sex seems to have taken that reference to men quite literally. coz every now and then, one reads/hears statements like 'All men are dogs!'

Maybe, maybe they are dogs.. Err, I mean we are dogs. But then the thing to remember is that even dogs are of different breeds.

Dogs are not all the same. The same goes with men.


And, after all, dogs are probably one of the most loyal, faithful creatures ;)


Stupidosaur said...

Hey urv u are brilliant man!

You figured out what is the cause of women's problem!

Women often complain men are not a good friend to them.
*Spice girl song playing in the head...If you wanna be my lover, then you gotta be my friend...*

But they themselves are the cause of this problem.

First they call men dogs.
But dog is man's best friend.
Its not woman's best friend.
So we are helpless.

If only women would not call us dogs, the jinx of the above saying would lift, and we could be their best friend huh?

Talk of people creating their own problems! Baah!

Urv said...

*Goes on stage. Takes a bow*

*calls stupidosaur on stage*

*both bow together*

*wagging tails*


Stupidosaur said...

*both go backstage*

*remember something*

*go back on stage*

*wag tails again*

(first time reptile tails)
(next time hypothetical dog tails)
(or was it vice-versa?)


Maryum said...


Maryum said...

kabhi dogs..kabhi reptiles....mutiple personality disorder? chalo tails to common hai na:D

Urv said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF (it was an amavas ki raat) :)

Reptiles have tails.
Dogs have tails.
We both are reptiles.
We both are dogs.
Therefore, dogs are reptiles.
Men are dogs.
Therefore, men are reptiles.
Therefore, men have tails.


Stupidosaur said...

//Therefore, men have tails.
Yes. So lets we chuck the saying

"Behind every successful man, there is a woman"

and replace it with

"Behind every successful man, there is a tail"

(Those women must be really repenting now. Little did they know that calling us dogs would have such far reaching consequences :) !)

homer said...

Behind every successful man, there is a woman
Behind every successful man, there is a tail
hence women=tail
Every dog has a tail
So, Every Man has a women..
[dog=Man and women=tail]

Whoa..Cheer guys ;)

sorry to barge onto your conversation.. couldnt help myself penning down this brilliant logic :)

Urv said...

//Little did they know that calling us dogs would have such far reaching consequences

Yo! Not even in the weirdest of fairy-tails :D

Urv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Urv said...

Aha brilliant! Now Dharmendar will have to change his dialogue to:
'Man! main teri woman sidhi kar dunga' :D

(Man=kutta and woman=tail)

And you are most welcome to barge onto any conversations :)

Keshi said...

ty for stopping by my blog.

**But then the thing to remember is that even dogs are of different breeds.

aww :) dun worry..we dun think that ALL men r dogs. There r some Angels too.


Urv said...

*gives an angelic smile*

Thanks for stopping by.

Stupidosaur said...


//Every dog has a tail
So, Every Man has a women..

A man may be a doberMan. No tail.

Its funny to cross the statement though.

Many dogs have women, I mean mistresses, that too often very rich ;) just like men have mistresses.
But I ain't seen a man with tail yet.

//'Man! main teri woman sidhi kar dunga' :D

Dharamji aisa kab kehte thae ki kuttey! main teri doom sidhi kar doong? *bwildered look*

Anyways, what does he mean by "woman sidhi kar dunga"?
She won't have curves and hourglass figure anymore?

Does Dharamendar give hormone therapy?

//we dun think that ALL men r dogs. There r some Angels too.

Are you trying to say dogs and Angels are mutually exclusive?

Wat do you mean? There are no angels among dogs? Then who will play fairydogmother to little puppies?

Chriz said...

loved your disclaimer.. haha

Urv said...

That was the original dialogue Dharamji was given. But during the shoot, Dharamji was feeling very thirsty as they were shotting in Cherapunji. So the dialogue came out as 'Khoon pi jaaunga' instead of 'doom sidhi kar dunga'
The director did not realise the error as he was busy feeding his dog :D

Urv said...

Thank you sir...

Bhai with Chai said...

hahahaha :D
the post was :D but the comments were :D :D ROTFL!
dogs + tails + poetry! deadly! :D

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
He he. I know.. :D I am planning to make a post out of the comments section :)

Bhai with Chai said...

I almost said that! :)

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
:D great minds think alike :)

Express said...

Intresting I must say.