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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The post was supposed to come up at 12:00 am IST but close proximity to the PM has been the cause of the delay.

A picture is worth a thousand words..

Happy birthday bestie :) ..cheers ..3 of 'em


Sanchit said...

damn good :)

Stupidosaur said...

abbey tu insan(e)on ke beech kya rehne laga teri to language hi badal gayi hai!

kya tha yeh?

Urv said...

:) Was reminded of the time when he had gone total crazy at your place

Kya samajh mein nahi aaya re tujhe?

Stupidosaur said...

jo bhi samajh mein aana chahiye tha woh sab :(

Urv said...

arre dekh.. I mean read kar aur comprehend kar jo main likhne waala hun.. apun ke ek firendss ka budday tha.. to apun usko wish kar rahela hai post ke thru.. aur explanation chaiye to bataiyo..

Keshi said...

nice one!

so was that for me too? cos it was on my bday too. :):)


Stupidosaur said...

If the pic might not have been there, I would have understood.

Wats with the three baboons FRIENDS tring to improve their skin texture with mud therapy?

'Cheers 3 of'em' is even more confusing.
ek friend ka birthday hai ya 3?

Urv said...

Yup yup :) and the bithday day was spread over almost 2 days IST. coz u are in Aust and this dude is in Usa :D

Urv said...

The reason for having the pic is mentioned in the reply to Sanchit's comment..

'cheers 3 of 'em' nahi hai re. It is:
..cheers ..3 of 'em bole to 3 cheers.. kyonki photu mein 3 log hai.. samjha abhi maine aise kyon likhela hai?

Bhai with Chai said...

I was linked to the blog by that pic.. was a fun episode as usual! :D
ps : birthday wishes to your friend!

Urv said...

~bhai with chai
Yup and that particular scene where the 3 of 'em turn their heads was too good :D

Thank you for the wishes :)

PizzaDude said...

Hah! Awesome scene that was. One of my flatmates and I, had a similar plan to freak out our third flatmate.

Urv said...

Ha ha! There was this time when some of us friends had gone total crazy.. I better not put up those pics :D

Sanchit said...

upload upload... maaza ayega

Stupidosaur said...

This is a classic case of velociraptor calling stupidosaur green.

Abbey hibernation men mein gaya hoon ya tu?

Kitney salon se post nahin likhi tuney?
(the answer is allowed to be a fractional or decimal number ;)

I think you better upload those pics Sanchit is talking about. At least the blog will tick again.

Urv said...

:D Hmmm.. Yashwant Kanetakr (Can u decipher that?)

aye aye bhaiya.. likhega post ek do din mein

Stupidosaur said...

OK urv.
And about the pics. Thats what all of us are saying. 'Yashwant Kanetkar' them! (Can you decipher that?)

Trinaa said...

heyyii..luv ur disclaimer ;)

ps:d pic is gr8 too..like d rest of d series..! :))

Sayesha said...

Hey which season/episode is this??? I can't believe I'm finding it unfamiliar! WAAAAA! :'(

Urv said...

Tu to kITna smart nikla :) decipher kar liya

Thanks :D Its one of my favorite pics. Came out just as I wanted it

He he. Maybe u need to get a doze of FRIENDS :D I don't know the episode coz whenever I watch, I watch a lot of episodes in sequence without seeing the titles... I can recall the scene but not the other parts of the episode :(

HP said...

haha..we never get tired of watching the re-runs. and this is the best birthday wish i have come across !

Urv said...

I know. At times I even say the dialogues with them.. and still is so much fun..

HP said...

certainly is !