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Friday, June 13, 2008

Mera pehla pehla tag

The rules of the tag:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

The books that could not be:
My eyes fell upon 'The one minute manager' that was lying on my office desk. But alas. The authors of the book did not have enough thoughts to show-off with more than a 123 pages. Looks like the tag isn't as simple as it seems.

So then I decided to try out my luck with the stack of Playboys lying in my drawer. Considering the fact that I was supposed to pick up the nearest book, I popped the issue that was lying on the top of the stack. Basically, that is how the concept of stack works. You push things on the top and you pop things from the top. It is called LIFO - Last In First Out. All right, enough of digression. Lets get back on track. I opened the issue and realized the irony. I was supposed to pick sentences form the book. How would I get sentences in Playboy. It certainly would not be so popular if they started putting sentences in it. The only writing one can find is in the form of tattoos on the bodies of all the you-know-who*.

(The tip:
This world is all about acting smart. You see I strategically keep books like 'The one minute manager' and others on my office desk to impress people. The real stuff lies safely locked in my drawer.)

So then what to do. Hmm. Aha! Dimaag ki batti jal gayi! Apun ki company mein library hain jahan pe kitaabein hoti hai. I found this the nearest in the library:

I had read this one a year or so back and remains one of the most worthwhile reads. I opened page 123.

The 5th sentence:
Then along came the triple convergence.

The 3 sentences that follow:
The Berlin Wall came down, the Berlin mall opened up, and suddenly some 3 billion people who had been behind walls walked onto the flattened global piazza.
Here's what happened in round numbers: According to a November 2004 study by Harvard University economist Richard B. Freeman, in 1985 "the global economic world" comprised North America, Western Europe, Japan, as well as chunks of Latin America, Africa, and the countries of East Asia.
The total population of this global economic world, taking part in international trade and commerce, said Freeman, was about 2.5 billion people.

The tagger acknowledged:
stupiodaur, I acknowledge you.

The tagees tagged:
Thomas L Friedman - the author of The World Is Flat
Ken Blanchard - author of The One Minute Manager
Spencer Johnson - author of The One Minute Manager
Pamela Anderson - owing to her association with Playboy
Anybody who has a book nearby

(Other people/reptiles whom I might have tagged have already been tagged.)

* I assume all HP** fans would have thought of Lord Voldemort. Innocent gentlemen like me would have happily imagined the correct things :D And the same innocent gentleman would have been a bit disappointed when after uploading the image of 'The one minute manager', I did not follow it up with those of the mentioned magazine.
** I assume all techies would have thought of Hewlett Packard.


Sanchit said...

liya liya tag liya liya

Stupidosaur said...


Glory be to us for cluttering the blog world!

But I have a few doubts:
The one minute manager was the first book of the stack. When you reject it, the next nearest book would be the second one in the stack. By running to the library, you have broken the rules of using the 'nearest' book having >=123 pages. So I tag you again ;)

Second, please explain why would all HP (Hefner's Playboy) fans think of Lord Voldemort?

Akshay said...

LMAO.... i loved that rejected stamp on "One minute manager" ....

Urv said...

aabhar aapka mere mitra :)

doubt shout nahi puchne ka bhai. hamra dimaag pe bhari zor padta hai :)

Thanks man :D

Adee said...

me the heres! :)

Urv said...

welcome the heres :)