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Friday, July 11, 2008

New life mantra

For quite some time, my life mantra was: LIVE life, don't analyze it.

But I observed and analyzed(thats where the mantra is nullified) that I was not able to follow it. So I have come up with a newer, easier life mantra:

"Learn to laugh at yourself; and the world cannot make fun of you."

And the best side effect of following this mantra is that one can never run short of laughter. And, laughter is the best medicine :D


Sanchit said...


Trinaa said...

yaaayy go urv go.. :D

HP said...

here's another similar-yet-different quote: "Inviting people to laugh with you while you are laughing at yourself is a good thing to do. You may be the fool but you are the fool in charge." - dunno who said this.

Bhai with Chai said...

the 'big bad world' finds ways and means to make fun of u.. :/
anyhow.. if you manage to stick to it, nice :)

Urv said...

your dil goes hmmm.. hmmm....

:D he he..

Hmmm.. nice one :)

~bhai with chai
the 'big bad world' finds ways and means to make fun of u..
Thats even better.. coz it implies more laughter.. :D

joiedevivre said...

ur profile is very intresting huh..
costume designing for govinda..
himesh bhai ka mushic..nice
aachi choice hai bhaisahab.. ;)
and abt post...dats true.
a very wiise tght.

Urv said...

Thanku :D Btw lately I have decreased taking up costume orders for Govinda. Thats why u see him in better clothes :)

shub said...

hey that's my strategy too ;) plus if you do it yourself, no one else gets the satisfaction of making fun of you ;)

Urv said...

Yay. Cool yaar. Welcome to the club :D